Women Finally Taking Down Their Sexual Abusers

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Women have suffered for generations—since the beginning of the human race—because of one primary thing: they don’t have the strength to ward off a raging bull. I’m speaking not of the bulls you would see at a fight in Spain but a bullfight of men and how they treat women. No, not all men are chasing their assistants and interns around their desks but employers often force a hostile, sexually charged work environment.

It’s slippery ground. It more slippery when you look at the ways that employer could hurt the woman. Unless there’s cameras (and perhaps you should set one up in your office—check the laws in your state), it’s usually a ‘she said, he said’ type of situation. That doesn’t hold up in court.

These bad boys aren’t dummies either—that’s why whoever the asshole is, be it  a senator, attorney, agent—or YES–the President of the United States—rarely do this in front of anyone. But how delicious when they do…

Lucky for those of us who would like to see his dangerous, lying, and exhausting president, he’s not that smart. He’s knows how to work a con—with the help of more intelligent others (the only thing he brings to the table is money and how much is of real question). Working a con doesn’t require real intelligence, which is why so many criminals end up in jail.

Groping a woman—or worse, raping a woman (or a 13 year old child, of which there is a perpetual rumor of a payoff to a 13 year old’s silence right before the 2016 election. Hush money. Probably a lot. Heck, I can’t blame a kid. Going in front of a jury would have been hell. Moreover, a couple of million bucks is a lot of money for a kid who’s not yet been to her junior prom.

Yes, there has always been something sleazy about Dotard—I mean Donald Trump. I couldn’t stand The Apprentice because he was icky. He made my skin crawl—and I was never in a room with him (Thankfully). I’ve had a lot of experience with men and I know how it feels to have a bulging eyed dope with his, mouth agape who can’t seem to do anything but eye me up one side and down the other, just as he (or Trump) a piece of prime, aged beef. Mm Mm Mm. How tasty.

However, Trump doesn’t sit down in a restaurant, choose his own personal steak (then killing it with heat and ketchup but I digress…), and eat properly, pay his bill and tip well. NooOoooOooo he does not. He grabs whatever hunk of meat hanging in that drying center and cooks it himself, grabbing it, wrestling it, and making it his own with his dirty fingers.

Just like he made all those women feel.

This is a particular sore spot for me because I have met so many men who have treated women in such a manner. I, like so many of my sisters, have taken it—decade after decade. We took it out of fear, out of shame, and out of financial need. Almost all women have at least one story. Most have more.

But our day is now and it feels good. To see, at last, one of those slippery, nasty, groping men who objectifies you and doesn’t care one whit what’s on your mind. Wham Bam and Thank You Ma’am. (Although I doubt she’d get the ‘Thank you).

For a woman to take DJT down would be the most fitting scenario of all.  Mueller can be the icing on the cake. No one is above the law, not even you–Don the Con.



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