Be on alert: America is Still under Attack on Social Media

Our country is in grave trouble right now. We are mirroring Germany of the early 1930’s in so many ways. It’s frightening to believe another horror could have a chance of repeating itself.

The Nazis didn’t start by killing Jews. There was a long build up.

God help us—if we don’t learn from history—from the tyrants, all who failed and toppled and ended their tenure in disgrace—we are doomed to repeat the pain… and the shame of it.

I’m on Twitter a lot. Not so much on Facebook anymore because I just cannot stand the fact that Cambridge Analytics is still working with them. I find Mark Zuckerberg to be a disingenuous, naïve and arrogant fool—two traits that are often disastrous when combined. I see that there are Russians infiltrating the Twittersphere every day, so use caution.

However, in the last several days, I have seen Russian bots—or rabid Trump supporters trying to divide those of us who are on the right side of history. Don’t feed Russian trolls or get into circular arguments with fools that will have no meaningful end—just endless frustration.

Be careful on Social Media—look at the sources, the people who post on the site—and be vigilant.

We are still under attack.

  1. Don’t just take the word of someone who claims to be a resister—go to their timeline, check out tweets and replies. When did they join? How many followers to how many they have followed. Many fake (bot) accounts have hundreds of people they follow yet only 10 followers. Block them. They just make more. They want to destroy our country—shoot them down as you would a soldier in the field.


  1. Watch for FBR parties. There are tons of them. Check out the people who are throwing them. They are trying to get information (of what kind, I have no idea, but these people voted for Trump so need I say more>?)


  1. Be observant. I had one “so called” fellow resister hounding me on “how can I help? Specifically? How can I help? What do you do?” And on and on she went. The voracity of her questions set off a red flag: ANYONE who is hoping for a blue wave knows damn well that you start at your local DNC. If you don’t know that, you’re a poser (or perhaps clueless, but I’m a cynic).

My main point is that the Russians are at it now. They are going to try to mess with this election just like in 2016 when popular vote loser Donald Trump and his Russian pals scammed the system and stole the presidency.

They want to do it again.

Make sure you check your voter status. People report that their voter registrations have gone missing—deleted, purged. Make sure your voter registration data is up to date, particularly if you are a registered democrat and you live in a Red State. As a word of caution, I think people should register as independents because they aren’t under attack by anyone, particularly in state when you don’t have to claim a party to be able to vote (like in Massachusetts).

Check, double check. Don’t fall for useless, circular directions people use to divide us further. Most Americans who disagree have already had their fights—just keep that in mind. We already went through it. Only bots and Russians want to divide us again.

No matter where you stand, believe that our great country is under attack. It’s hard to believe because they aren’t using bombs and guns.

No, that would be easier to deal with.

Because what they are using is far more insidious.



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