The Purified (A Montana Wylde Mystery)

By Melinda Tyler
A Montana Wylde Mystery

The Purified, A Montana Wylde Mystery

A salacious thriller that delivers the goods

Montana Wylde, a successful luxury NY call girl about to become a criminal attorney, has to set aside her tantalizing dreams when her partner vanishes.

Meanwhile, the focus of the NYPD is on finding a rampaging serial killer stalking streetwalkers from the gutter end of the sex industry: New York’s mean “ho strolls.”

When the cops are apathetic, Montana begins searching for her partner. She hires Tommy O’Malley, a former NYPD homicide detective gone private. Living with his own demons, O’Malley spends most of his time chasing cheating spouses or finding insurance fraud.

Reluctant at first, Montana’s history of working her way out of an abusive home, and making her way through graduate summa from law school. He takes the case and makes her his sleuthing partner.

Their one thin lead is Suzette’s last date with a mysterious high-rolling client the day she disappeared. As more street whores end up embalmed and displayed in churches by the Church Murderer, the duo digs deep searching for Suzette and that last client. The strange trail seems to lead to the highest levels of city government. Just as they seem to be getting somewhere, Montana realizes someone is watching her…then chasing her…and it becomes clear that she’s in danger herself.

Who is the mysterious client? And who hides behind the mask of the notorious Church Murderer? What secrets do the city’s highest-level politicians keep? Soon, Montana own life is in jeopardy as she learns the deadly answers to her friend’s disappearance. Available to buy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and bookstores everywhere.