Why I have No Sympathy for Melania Trump

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Melania Trump was a high-end call girl at one point, when she met her charming husband (/sarcasm).

Donald Trump lied (I know—shocking) about her career as a ‘supermodel.’ Yes, she did modeling but never really made it big because she was too stiff. Moreover, her primary agency was the “Trump Modeling Agency” Have you heard of this modeling agency? I have not. It’s probably bankrupt by now like all his other businesses. But I digress…the modeling was a means to an end—her real dream was meeting a very wealthy man.

According to the always correct (/sarcasm) source of Wikipedia, she met DJT at NYC’s infamous ‘KitKat Club.’ I’m familiar with the Club. As anyone who reads my blog knows, I have been audaciously honest about my former life as a call girl. I know quite a lot about this and similar establishments. The Kit Kat’s sole purpose is a hookup for young pretty women to meet rich older (and generous) men for mutual satisfaction. You can use prettier words but it’s prostitution, make no doubt about it.

My own reasons for entering the sex industry are complicated and have much to do with being a childhood sexual abuse survivor (Read the ‘About Me’ page if you wish). Today, I don’t regret it because I am a better psychologist because of my life experiences—moreover, regret is a useless emotion.

Because of my work in the sex industry—and due to my advanced degrees in Biobehavioral Psychology, I understand the sexual dance of males and females better than most people do. I believe these two interrelated fields of “study” make me an expert on human sexuality. I know it from the inside out. I lived it, I studied it, I developed courses on it, and I taught it for close 18 years.

Melania Trump is somewhat of a mystery to us because she chooses to keep to herself. She’s no Michelle Obama, who empowered women. Melania Trump’s very existence tells women that they can put up with a boorish, racist, treasonous lying sexual predator if he has enough money. The only purpose she serves women is showing them how objectified they can be and how much bullshit she will put up with her “pussy grabbing” husband.

She is an enigma, with bizarre fashion sense. One day she shows up in spot on Gucci, yet not a month later, several videos showed her boarding an aircraft to visit children her husband had ripped from their parents—some at such a tender age of less than a year old. For that humanitarian meeting, she wore a coat that looked like a Kanye West design, stating in graffiti type lettering, “I don’t really care, do you?”

Yes, my mouth was agape. Anyone who understands the scope of this ongoing tragedy and the depths to which we have sunk as a country, should be outraged as I am.

The person to blame for our current distrust in our government is her husband. I know that these may not be her choices but she chooses to stand by and support him and has for years. Any woman who could stand beside a man who has repeatedly shown such cruelty to so many people, as well as humiliating her in the most public and demeaning way makes me feel zero sympathy for her.

 Because Melania? You don’t marry your tricks.

Not even the wealthiest ones because you will never be more than a whore to that man at the heart of the relationship. He will throw it up to you. Either he’ll remind himself or in a moment of cruelty, he will throw it up to you, reminding you of what and who you are. Often, he will serve a huge slice of guilt on the side, letting you know how much you should appreciate that he saved you from that life. Moreover, he will always know what you were and he will harbor that resentment because most men who marry prostitutes expect a prostitute in marriage.

I heard an argument the other day that we should feel sorry for Melania—because who knows what Trump does to her when they are alone? The people I was having a discussion with were worried that Trump might beat her (I’ve seen no evidence of this) or that if she leaves, she might be deported or killed.

Please. GMAFB

This wealthy woman could easily hire a small army of bodyguards. She married a dangerous, racist, piece of dog dirt and I have no sympathy for that at all. Thank you, but I’ll save my sympathy for the millions of poor women, who have no financial resources or support, who are stuck in abusive marriages.

Melania Trump had a choice. She made the wrong one but that doesn’t earn her any sympathy points from me.



4 thoughts on “Why I have No Sympathy for Melania Trump

  1. I had a little sympathy until she wore that coat! What the F*#£k is going on in this country! I can’t even!

    1. I really didn’t to be honest, but I didn’t loathe her. I pitied her for being so insecure to have to put up with that boorish asshole. But when she wore that coat, I loathed her. Those kids–they broke my heart and my heart is still broken knowing that some will be sold to human traffickers. All completely unnecessary. That’s why we MUST win in November. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Thanks Karen!I was just gobsmacked when these two women were trying to tell me that this woman is someone that needs protection. She’s got secret service people all around her! Like she’s going to be deported and have her son snatched from her at the border. GMAFB. I just couldn’t believe it. She married the turd–and she didn’t have to. I had turds propose to me as well. I didn’t marry them!! 🙂

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