What a Week!

It’s been quite a week–well, actually quite a year so far, with the loss of my mother, the loss of our SF digs (but we’ll find a better place), and now the loss of my job.

But as an eternal optimist, I am looking at the bright side. Without a job, I can devote all of my time to activism and writing the second volume in the Montana Wylde series. I got about 3,000 words completed today–I’m through Chapter 4–and I am loving this book…it has (I hope) much intrigue as well as a story of twins lurking in the background. Twins have long been a fascination for me.

I still strike things up in the “win” column. I mean–my problems are first world ones. When I start to get on the pity pot, I think of those who are truly suffering, such as the refugees that no one wants to help (or those who *could* help but won’t) and the many people suffering under fascist regimes such as the poor suffering people of North Korea. When you look at the world in such a broad way, the problems of this small person really don’t amount to a hill of beans in this world (And thank you Bogie, always).

It’s all good. And it’s true that when one door closes, another is open–IF you know how to open it. Peace and xo, M.

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