Update: The Deceived (A Montana Wylde Mystery)

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I am still working on Muslimish III but I wanted to share a summary of The Deceived, the 2nd in the Montana Wylde Mystery series. I’m excited about the book and am more than 3/4 of the way finished with the first draft. I’m sure there will be quite a few changes in the second draft so the summary may change as well, but here we are so far!

The Deceived

The media thrust former escort turned defense attorney Montana Wylde into the spotlight after her heroic capture of the man who killed her former business partner and best friend.

When the NYC Public Defender’s Office offers her an 18B overflow case, Montana is eager for the chance. It’s a big case: one that could make or break an emerging attorney’s career.

She is to defend a woman whom the police have arrested for armed robbery and murder. It’s a risky case and she soon understands why no other attorney wanted it. First, a hidden store surveillance camera captures the robbery and homicide. Moreover, after hearing the shots, the next-door neighbor grabbed his cellphone. He videotaped their escape from his back door and he got a good look at the female’s face.

A police sketch brings forth several calls from people who identify the woman. Making matters even worse, CSIs found her DNA at the crime scene—a place she swears she’s never been.

The case has personal implications as well. Montana is dating Max Constantine, one of New York’s most famous homicide detectives. The two met while Montana was searching for her friend who had vanished. He’s the lead detective on the jewel heist homicide. To avoid a conflict of interest, they must cool down their blossoming love affair. This proves harder than either imagined.

Montana takes the case despite the odds and teams up with O’Malley once again. He’s the retired NYPD homicide detective who Montana solve her friend’s murder. The client swears to Montana and O’Malley that she’s innocent of the crime. Despite the damning evidence, they believe her. Even Max had doubts during his interrogation of her but the evidence demanded an arrest. The DA is seeking the harshest sentence New York possible.

Montana prepares her case as they investigate a twisted trail of deception. Soon, they begin uncovering the roots of a crime—one which began almost 30 years earlier.

That’s it! There are many twists and turns along the way and an ending I hope will shock readers. I hope to have it ready for publication in early 2018!



2 thoughts on “Update: The Deceived (A Montana Wylde Mystery)

  1. I can’t wait to read this book! I loved the first one, you have great sight into mens thinking. It was so interesting to read a book where the writer has first hand knowledge of the basis to the book. I’m also happy that you say she’s dating Max. I was hoping those two would get together and thought they might because of the end.


    1. I can’t wait to have you read the book! I am working really hard on finishing the first draft. This will be the first time where I haven’t had to slap my naughty fingers for editing the first draft as I went. So, it will be interesting to see what just flowed out–but it feels right. It feels good. And I really like the storyline. It’s unlike anything I’ve read! Thanks for your comment!

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