Stormy (Weather) Daniels Upgraded To Category 4 Hurricane

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Note: This blog is partially new–I started it a few weeks ago (but things have been so hectic). I updated it but I’m keeping my original observations in place.

A few weeks ago, I watched Stormy Daniels’ interview on 60 minutes. I liked her right away. I believed her right away. Most importantly, was that I related to who she was, where she was coming from, and why no one should ever look at any woman who chooses to work in the sex industry as a silly, vacant, drug-addicted, beaten-by-her-pimp loser.

While it is true that the majority of prostitutes are products of childhood sexual abuse, it doesn’t mean that everyone who went through that is or ever was stupid. The lure of the sex industry is compelling because the bloom has long been off the rose. As a survivor of child abuse, you come to cheapen your sexuality as your abuser(s) did; therefore, it just isn’t that big of a leap.

But that’s not the heart of this article. This is about Stormy Daniels—a woman that I relate to in some ways and not, in others—but I also knew women who took their playbook right out of Stormy Daniels journal (or the snapshots from of her career, which she likely will pen a book, which will be a bestseller—Stormy Daniels is a smart business woman. Don’t forget that.

She ain’t some dumb ho. (And I know the difference).

When I was working in a luxury apartment around Lexington and 33rd in the late 1980’s, I had quite a few influential clients. Some gave me their business card—most likely one made up just for gals like me. A card that had little to do with his business but with a pager number—just in case he got horny in the middle of the night and wanted to pay an extra 2k for a outcall because the apartment was closed for the night.

I bet Stormy has a few clients like that.

I have a feeling that Stormy and I had much the same attitude when it came to clients. For me, it was spectacular to be in a position, where at last, men could not subject me to this cruelty. Our penthouse apartment had bodyguards, a payoff with the cops, and I was in control of every person I saw. Most men thought they chose me—but in reality, I chose them. If I didn’t like the looks of a client, I would simply smack my forehead and feign forgetfulness that I already had an upcoming client.

I understand Stormy Daniels taking lots of money from Donald Trump and I honestly have no problem with any woman who can work in an industry rife with abuse yet still walk through the fiery hoop of danger unscathed as she has done—and as I have done, at least in most ways. Donald Trump would have been a client because I wasn’t his girlfriend. I can imagine he would be a high-maintenance, whiny, insufferable bastard as a client but if he paid me enough, I’d put up with a lot.

For an hour.

But say that was years ago and then I see this Bozo running for president. Yes, my mind would return to where I spanked then-candidate Trump and told him he was a ‘naughty boy.’ That would have been it. There would have been no $130,000; there would have been no need for a non-disclosure agreement because I would have gone screaming to every reputable news source what had occurred.

It’s one thing when he’s just a little trick.

It’s an entirely different matter when you are helping to elect the most neurotic, unhinged, racist-loving buffoon from a family rife with white supremacy, discrimination, and nastiness associated with him—you have to do the right thing.

You sue him during the election.

Because don’t you love your country more than that $130,000.00?

Well, maybe not.

I’m glad she came out with the story.

I wrote this article before the latest news came out: her defamation lawsuit. Well, now I really do salute her. It’s empowering to see this woman fight him just like he fights, dirty. She’s has not backed down. When he dug in, she dug in deeper and with more authority. From all appearances she seems to have the legal upper hand. And as I now understand her continuing story a bit more, I’ll put my judgment away (who the fuck am I to judge anyway, really?), and say  that Stormy Daniels has more character in her little finger than DJT has in his heart’s blood. I applaud her.

And her new defamation charge against Trump?

YES! Go Stormy!




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    1. I’m not surprised that you do! I think most women relate to the #metoo movement to some extent. All of us, be it a little or a lot, have had to deal with sexual harassment on the job. Every job I ever had I felt objectified as a woman (except as a stripper, but then I get that; I had total control over those situations. The men in strip joints respected me more than professors in academia! And I’m not even kidding. I never was assaulted by a strip club client yet I was in a ‘respectable’ profession. Thanks for the input! 🙂

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