Americans Must Reclaim Our Country’s Soul

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Hello Folks,

I am so disappointed and ashamed of my country that I will now use my voice on this blog to do what I can to promote The Resistance.

We have now spent well over a year under the Trump administration. Having an ultra-liberal feminist mother, I cut my teeth on politics since the time I could listen and understand. Without a doubt, I no longer recognize this America. I am no longer proud of this America. Most tragic is the way it is dying, a psychotic vampire is sucking the soul right out of it, and if we allow him, we shall remain only an empty shell of who we once were and what we stood for. I was a bit young for Vietnam, though I dealt with the garbage that we all had to pick up after that debacle finally ended. I was protesting at twelve—and I am still protesting forty years later.

When the Watergate investigation was occurring, and later, when they aired the hearings on television, my mother pressed me to sit and watch with her, even though I was young—my mother explained it to me and as she did, I began to understand the magnitude of what had happened.

This is far worse. Somehow, we have put into power, an administration whose closest (personal) ally is Vladimir Putin. How many indictments and guilty pleas will it take before an apathetic, enabling, and traitorous republican-led congress allow this to continue?

This is far worse than Watergate, as I said. Those who founded this country gave We the People, a grave responsibility. They told us that if our government was corrupt, then we must throw out those who are running it. They set up lots of checks and balances to insure that this would likely not happen. However, they didn’t understand how an entire political party can be complicit to a foreign adversary meddling with our elections and thus, our democracy. They did everything they could to make sure this brand new world would not slip into a fascist led government, one run by Kings–or those who thought themselves to be, or even a wealthy few.

They always had the heart of America’s people. The government was the people but overtime it has eroded to a mess of corporations, big business, big banks, and the wealthy few.

Our forefathers would be spinning in their graves.

This administration and their complicit republican counterparts are stripping us of our civil liberties and rights faster than we realize. Most of the people I know are aware of this but too many need to have their eyes opened—and that is up to us. Some have given up—no longer wanting to deal with the reality of what this country has become.

Moreover, it has become the Worst. Reality. Show. Ever. Even worse than that pig of a show, The Apprentice. I could tell the man was an asshole then because who finds joy in saying, “You’re Fired?”

The republican party has allowed itself to become one of Russia’s agents, either directly or by their silent complicity. That’s the cleanest bullet I can shoot right into the black hearts of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, General Kelly, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and all the other gutless republican members of congress who have propped up this madman—this Russian traitor.

And those who prop up this presidency? They are traitors too. .

Trump must go:

  • He’s a danger to our country.
  • He’s a danger to our democracy.
  • He’s a danger to world.
  • He’s Putin’s puppet.

Congress must exercise the 25th amendment and remove this president before we are all dead. The traitorous republicans will not so we have to make sure we elect officials who will take our country back and away from such lunacy.

And we will. I am a fighter and a survivor. The traitorous republicans are more than happy to allow a madman to run our country, allowing him to rip away the very fabric of who we are. America’s Soul is at stake. I am begging you, register to vote and exercise this most important American right. (and if you’re near me, I’ll drive you to go vote) to vote this November.

If you are not registered to vote, do it now. Mark a day on your calendar and just go do it. And make sure where you will be on November 6, 2018. Prepare an absentee ballot if you will not be in your jurisdiction.

If we fight hard enough, we can win in November. History will write it as the day Americans began to take our country back from a Russian puppet.



2 thoughts on “Americans Must Reclaim Our Country’s Soul

  1. Great article Melinda. I am so glad you are using your voice to help the resistance that you know needs all our help. You also motivated me. I have become apathetic because of all the sad, and horrifying news on what this administration has done. Shameful. Em em em. Go get em.

    1. Sorry for the delay. I’m trying to bring light to so many issues I’ve seen. In the upcoming blog, I am now a whistleblower! Hope you’ll read it. Nice seeing you. xo.

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