The Purified–A Montana Wylde Novel by Melinda Tyler

By Melinda Tyler
A Montana Wylde Mystery

Montana Wylde, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, has been on her own since she was seventeen. For the past eight years, she’s split her time between law school and the luxury call-girl service she founded with best friend Suzette Peterson. She’s about to take the bar exam when Suzette vanishes and Montana must put her dream of the law on hold.

Montana seeks help from the NYPD, but they’re apathetic, and focused on finding the “Church Murderer” — a serial killer who tortures streetwalkers to death and then displays their bodies in city churches. So she teams up with Tom O’Malley, a former homicide cop turned private investigator.

Montana and O’Malley discover well-hidden aspects of Suzette’s life that lead to the highest levels of city government. They begin to believe that her disappearance may be part of a cover-up.

But then Suzette’s tortured body turns up in a church and the NYPD is convinced she is another victim of the Church Murderer. But Montana and O’Malley have their doubts and decide to continue their investigation. Soon, Montana realizes someone is watching her and that she may well be in danger herself.   Available at Amazon to Buy Now.